Magazine, Re-design

HM magazine

Hotel Management magazine is the leading accommodation trade magazine in the Asia-Pacific and is distributed to most accommodation properties in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Noumea, Vanuatu and Tahiti.

I’ve been working on HM for about 4 years. In that time I’ve redesigned it twice. Here are some examples from the latest re-design.

HM has been a great to work on over the years. Apart from the magazine I’ve also been heavily involved with the HM Awards which involve designing all of the material needed for a 600 seat awards ceremony. Things such as advertisements, tickets, certificates, flags, floorplans, programs, slideshows, media walls and many more little things that add up to present the night of night for the accommodation industry.


Inside Film ipad magazine

Inside Film or ‘if’ magazine is the first magazine I’ve designed for the ipad using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution.

The main aim for this project was to get the printed magazine onto the ipad, and at the same time develop the skills necessary to exploit the potential of the ipad. Being a Film Industry magazine there’s a lot of good material here that the ipad can make good use of such as movie trailers.

Its only early days but the potential is huge and I look forward to doing more work in this medium. The cover features a small animation that I put together in Photoshop using some of the images from the cover story. I’ve also got a live twitter feed, slide shows, pinch & zoom and scrollable content all over the place.

Its only basic but its the start of an exciting new era.

The app will be available soon and this first issue will be free to download.



The Art of Absinthe – Bars & Clabs magazine

In this article for Bars & clubs magazine I wanted to incorporate some of the old Absinthe artwork from the 1920’s to give it a classical look. I also took a little inspiration from the strip ad featured at the bottom of the page by the the feature sponsor Green fairy.


Cocktail Cold war – Bars & Clubs magazine

For this article in Bars & clubs magazine two teams of mixologist’s from the east and west of Adelaide were lined against each other in a cocktail shootout.

Since this was a mighty battle between East-V-West my idea here was to use a cold war theme for the article.