Kaplan Homes – Rebrand

Project Overview

Kaplan Homes specialise in new home builds and home & land packages in Sydney’s south-west and western suburbs. Initially they just wanted a simple flyer designed to promote a government rebate for people working in essential services like teaching, medical and denfence. The result being the Hero’s Commitment campaign.

Kaplan Homes Hero Commitment Flyer

First Steps

This soon turned into a full rebranding exercise, including but not limited to brochures, website, advertising, interior graphic decals, maps, posters, social media campaigns, EDM’s, signs, car graphics and more. But first the Kaplan logo needed a freshen up. The old logo looked very dated and didn’t reflect Kaplan’s style and aesthetic as luxury home builders.

Kaplan Logo Old Vs New
Kaplan Logo Old Vs New


What Kaplan really needed were sales tools in the form of brochures highlighting their home designs, luxury inclusions and a price list. A two day photoshoot was organised. I put together a mood board and a shots list for the photographer and I was on site to art direct on the day.


After the photo shoot, the roll out of the various brochures, catalogues and marketing material could begin. Kaplan really wanted to come across as luxury home builders accessible to everyone. A clean asethetic without being too showy or commercial was developed. This has lead to a style that has been able to evolve without loosing the original concept.

Brochure Evolution

Over time the brochures evolved to include a new Package Upgrades brochure and Showroom Catalogue. The Package Upgrades brochure highlighted the best Luxury Inclusions separate from the Inclusions brochure, re-pacakged as free givaways. The Showroom Catalogue highlights the many upgrades, colours and finishes on offer. This gives clients a head start in the final decision process of selecting finishes and appliances which has saved many hours of sales staff time in the showroom.

Website Design

With Kaplan’s sales team happy with their new brochures the next task was Kaplan’s website. A continuation of the clean design aesthetic was executed in keeping with Kaplan’s brand tagline ‘Luxury is our Standard’.


Kaplan’s best selling points are their competitive pricing and customers service, with this in mind the creative focused equally on emotive human elements along with product focused creative. This strategy has seved well as almost half of Kaplan’s clients are return customers. Kaplan have been getting themselves out there in the form of print media, bus, shopping centre, radio and Google Adwords.

Kaplan have great word-of-mouth reputation with Sydney’s Indian and Chinese communities and the ‘Have it All’ campaign extended to local native language media.

Kaplan’s online presence wasn’t neglected either with several Google Adwords campaigns combined with website Landing pages.

Kaplan Digital Banner Ads - Have it All
Kaplan Digital Banner Ads – Package Upgrades


At times a more sales driven strategy was employed. Small limited-run campaigns were often employed in order to get customers over the line. A succesful competition for a $500 fuel card was run in order to build up a database of EDM contacts.


Kaplan’s new identity was rolled out across a variety of outdoor, vehicle signage and display home banners. In a very competitive market having your display home stand out with special offers can make the difference in bringing clients into the display home where the sales team can work their magic.


A series of promotional posters were produced for Kaplan’s display home reinforcing key qualities. A lot of the research and copy writing form this extending the adverting and general messaging for all of Kaplan marketing material.


From first contact to rebranding, roll out of new collateral, ongoing updates and one-offs I have had the pleasure of overseeing Kaplan’s brand evolution from start to finish. Over a two year period Kaplan have have seen a steady level continuation of sales in a increasingly competitive market when house prices in Sydney generally have taken a nose dive. With Kaplan’s competitors seeing a 50 per cent drop in sales during the same time period this is is seen as a major win.