I’ve been doing this design thing for 15 years and for just about every medium. So here is an outline of what I do.

Publication design

I’ve been designing magazines for over a decade, working on specialised business-to-business, corporate and consumer titles. My varied background and a love for typography have given me a unique perspective when it comes to understanding my client’s individual requirements, ensuring that I consistently deliver the highest standards and achieving my client’s desired outcome.

But as important it is to achieve the best design outcome, I’m also well aware of the need to get the job done on time. Having a solid production process is essential to reaching deadlines and creating the time to achieve the creative outcome needed.


This is where it all started for me, it runs in the family. Illustration for editorial, books, logos, labels, t-shirts, poster’s and signage. Pretty much anything you can think of I’ve done it.

Web design

I design websites using the WordPress Content Management System. From small to big business.


I’m well versed in the creation of engaging Electronic Direct Marketing.

Document design

And by that I mean pretty much anything that is printed. Media kits, advertising, brochures, annual reports, directories, marketing and so on.


I’ve re-designed many magazine titles and logos over the years. Whilst this has sometimes required making only small changes to achieve a significant impact, other times achieving the desired result has meant throwing it all out the window and starting again. In the end, it is all about understanding my client’s goals and how they communicate to their audience, then delivering a solution that ensures consistency is maintained from issue to issue.


Split-second, memorable communication is what a logo is all about. Whatever your needs, corporate, elegant, funky or something with illustrative flair, I am your man.

PowerPoint Presentations

Almost anyone can put together a PP presentation but if you want one that communicates your brand and makes an impact, talk to me about creating a professional custom template design.


I’ve designed marketing products for some of the larger events in the country. Invites, tickets, advertising, maps, seating plans, programs, signage, websites, email newsletters. It all needs to get done quickly and efficiently and still have your products corporate identity.


Its not all over once the logo has been designed. I actually started out as a budding sign/ticket writer.